Birth in Reverse – St. Vincent

Song: Birth in Reverse

Artist: St. Vincent

Album: St. Vincent

Year: 2014

Setting in Which this Review is Based off of: My basement, playing pool.

I have a crush on St. Vincent.  And if you don’t then I urge you to watch a video of her preforming live– It’s amazing.  She has this undeniable realness and passion that seem to burst out of her with every weird dance move.

Birth in Reverse is the type of song that makes me hate myself for not being a good dancer.  Don’t get me wrong– I definitely still dance, but when I say dance I mean swaying and spinning around and shaking my hips, typical dance moves for those who can’t dance.  But I wish I could really dance to this song like with a dress and a partner and high heels.

The music video for Birth in Reverse is a masterpiece. I won’t even waste my time trying to tell you what it represents because I haven’t the slightest clue but I can tell you that it’s captivating.  My personal favorite part is when Annie Clark is shaking the white powder out of her hair while surrounded by smoke; it’s awesome.

St. Vincent really hit the scene late 2009 with her release of Actor. She has a full background of music, including touring with her Uncle’s band at age 12.  St. Vincent has toured with Talking Heads, and personal favorite thanks to my father’s great music taste, which led to a collaboration with David Byrne and ultimately Love the Giant.

Clark stated in an interview with Salon Magazine that the lyrics actually represent the cultural deaths happening in America. Clark had been reading Lorrie Moore’s ‘Birds of America’ and jotted down the phrase “birth in reverse” from said work.  She says that the meaning of death was not implied until she sang it for a producer who brought the meaning of the words to light.

It’s easy to sing along to, it’s fun and it’s entertaining.  What else can you ask for?  Birth in Reverse is total Driving-with-your-friends music, which honestly is the main type of music I dig.  So hats off to you, Clark, Birth in Reverse is on my mind and in my head, constantly.

Birth in Reverse Music Video

St. Vincent’s Website


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