Good For You – Selena Gomez

Song: Good For You

Artist: Selena Gomez

Album: Good For You (Single)

Year: 2015

Setting in Which this Review is Based off Of: My car with my two oldest friends, midnight of my birthday.

Today is my 19th birthday and I feel good.  This weekend, my two oldest friends came up to visit and we saw Milky Chance and Z Ambassadors (Read about it HERE) together.  And last night, as I turned 19, and we had just passed through the drive-through line at Portillos, Good For You was blasting through my Explorer’s speakers.  And we were jamming hard.

Now I know, this is a top 40 which isn’t my usual review. This is a previous Disney star, which isn’t my usual review AND the message this song sends is atrocious which, you guessed it, also isn’t my usual review.  But no matter how many things are telling me to hate this song– I really can’t.  It’s a sexy song that makes me feel good and it made me feel alive and like I should be singing it to some rich fuck-boy in a club.

( Urban Dictionary: Fuckboy; a boy who fucks with girls’ feelings by leading them on and then making them feel like shit )

The hook to the song is my favorite part,

“Gonna wear that dress you like, skin-tight
Do my hair up real, real nice”

Because it’s so catchy.  Listen to it once and it will be stuck in your head for days.  Gomez’s voice is scratchy and sexy and I love it, but the real quality comes from the featured artist; A$AP Rocky.

Am I even an ASAP Rocky fan?  No.  But it’s not because I don’t like his music, it’s just because I’ve never been that much of a rap girl.  If I was into it he would be one of my favorites because he is very talented and relevant, it’s just not my thing.  So how typical white-girl me to only start to like him after he collaborates with a Disney star.  Ha. But really, his part in Good For You is awesome and not even that degrading.

“Ain’t worried bout no press and ain’t worried bout the next chick”

He stresses that she is his girl and no matter what,  he isn’t thinking about anyone else.  He’s not trying to get her in the public eye and start problems or anything, he’s all about her.  Which is a refreshing message through a rap.

Anyway, yes I realize this song isn’t up to my normal standards but whatever, I think it’s a quality song.  And who doesn’t want to enter a new year of their life feeling sexy?  So thanks to Selena Gomez, because the start of 19 was pretty great for me and you only helped with it.  Take a listen and let me know what you think, do you like the A$AP or the Selena part more?

‘Good For You’ Music Video

Selena Gomez Website

A$AP Rocky Website


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