Milky Chance and X Ambassadors Concert

Opener:  X Ambassadors

Best song: Renegades

Headliner: Milky Chance

Best song: Down By the River

Date:July 24, 2015

Venue: Aragon Ballroom, Chicago

X Ambassadors: The 4 member alt-rock band recently released their third EP, which I know you know at least one song from; Renegades.  It’s been on the radio non-stop but hey, I’m not complaining.  The catchy tune gives off rock vibes while keeping it’s light chorus.  The Ambassadors closed with another crowd favorite– Jungle, which was featured on a Dr. Dre ‘Beats’ commercial back in 2012. Overall, they were a great opener.

IMG_9576 (1)

Milky Chance: Ahh, Milky Chance!  Love, love, loved them.  From Clemen’s huge hair to Antonio’s mad harmonica skills, they put on quite a show.  The crowd kept up with the lyrics and low key dancing but was able to really come alive when the trio played Stolen Dance.  They also came back with a 3-song encore, starting with an acoustic Clemens number and ending with Down by the River.  The still below is from Down by the River.  Milky Chance was amazing live and had a perfect light show to top it all off.  The show was very much a success.



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