Lollapalooza Music Festival

So!  Unless you’ve not from the midwest, (or you’re living under a rock??), you’ve heard whats going down this weekend in Chicago.  LollapaloozaGet EXCITED!  It starts Friday, gates open at 11am and the day is kicked off with a show at all 8 stages by noon.  This will be my third year in a row attending the festival and though the lineup may be labeled as ‘weak’ this year, that doesn’t mean there aren’t many gems found.  Since I obviously can’t review the bands live performances before I see them, I will just tell you who I’m most excited to see. (And a few tips for newbies)

Before I start, though,  I want to make something clear; This is definitely my intended schedule.  But will I make it to even half of these shows?  Unlikely.  When you’re at a festival you get caught up in the flow, and that band you were psyched to see last night doesn’t seem as important as following your new friends to the show they want to go to.  It’s a bummer in a way, but I think it’s worth it to have so many new experiences.

Charley’s Schedule at Lollapalooza:

Friday, July 31st, Lolla Day 1

Artist: Glass Animals

Track: Gooey

Why: I freakin’ love Glass Animals. Their slow and wavey music is always backed up with a solid beat making them the perfect show to see in a big crowd.  (Also, I really can’t wait to sing the chorus to Gooey with a huge crowd)

Artist: Alabama Shakes

Track: Gimme All Your Love & Hold On (Sorry, I can’t pick between the two)

Why: IT’S ALABAMA SHAKES! They came on my, and probably everyone else’s, radar back in 2012 with Boys & Girls, and more importantly, the release of Hold On.  That song was my anthem for a solid 2 weeks.  And if I thought that was good, I had news coming with the Sound & Color Album released in April.  There isn’t one song on the whole album that I wouldn’t listen to on repeat.  This group is easily the #1 show I’ most excited about.

Saturday, August 1st, Lolla Day 2

Artist: Elle King

Track: America’s Sweetheart

Why: (Real reasons:) I’ve watched her perform live online and she really makes sure to put on a great show.  Honestly, even if she didn’t, her songs have enough bump that I’m sure the crowd will get rowdy for her.  (Superficial reasons:) Elle King is a total babe and I want to see her in person to satisfy my crush.  If you need more convincing, she’s playing at my ultimate favorite stage in the whole festival, BMI.  BMI is the tiniest of the 8 stages, pushed back into a secluded forest-type area and backs up to Lake Michigan.  Unfortunately, Elle is the only performer I have my eye on at BMI, so you can bet this will be one I make my way to.

Artist: Kid Cudi

Track: Pursuit of Happiness

Why: Okay, stop. I know what you’re thinking and yes, you’re right, Cudi is so not my style.  But I want you to understand that I was 15 when Project X came out.  This song was the anthem of that movie and Project X was a total goal.  If I have the chance to hear this live, I’m definitely taking it.

Sunday, August 2nd, Lolla Day 3 

Artist: Angus and Julia Stone

Track: Big Jet Plane

Why: You can’t not love this band.  These folk singing siblings make me fall in love every time they open their mouths.  Another plus is everyone in this country knows the words to Big Jet Plane and I can’t wait to be surrounded by thousands of people singing the chorus with me.

Artist: Florence and the Machine


Why: I don’t even need to explain this because if you’re reading my blog that means we have similar taste and Florence is an obvious shared favorite between the two of us.  I feel like the South London born singer has been around forever but maybe that’s just because I can’t remember not knowing one of her songs.  I have a bad memory but, hey, that’s beside the point.  The point is, don’t miss the opportunity to see a voice of our generation’s music world, and make sure you’re dancing hard to Shake it Out, I know thats what I’ll be doing.

Anyway, that wraps up my weekend.  I’m hoping I at least make it to these 6 but don’t count on reviews from all these.  I hope everyone has an amazing, safe, HYDRATED weekend at my favorite festival, and keep your eyes out for bands I didn’t mention!  I know I’m missing out on some smaller gems so I would love some feedback:)

After a full day of much needed recovery (aka watching netflix for like 11 hours straight), I’m ready to review my weekend spent at Lollapalooza music Festival.  If you read my previous post on on July 30th on who I planned to see this, you’ll know that there were 6 artists I was hoping to see.  I made it to 4/6 so whatever, I got the better half.  Here’s who I saw and if they were worth it:

Friday, July 31st, Lolla Day 1

Misterwives: 3rd row, amazing show.  I have a huge crush on Mandy Lee’s personality, appearance, and voice.

Glass Animals: I walked up right as they started to play Black Mambo, Dave Bayley is a God among men.

Cold War Kids: I saw (and met!) them 2 years ago at a small festival and fell in love, they did not disappoint this time either.

Alabama Shakes: amazing.  I don’t have anything else to say than absolutely completely amazing, favorite show hands down.

Dillon Francis: It was a party, totally worth it.

Flying Lotus: eh. Just not my style.

Saturday, August 1st, Lolla Day 2

Coin: Only song I knew was Run, but they were able to keep the crowd hype even when the song wasn’t hitting it big.

Charlie XCX: Not my style, but if you’re into her music she was a great performer

RL Grime: LOVE!

Walk The Moon: Drew a huge crowd which made people watching a riot, the whole crowd was into almost the whole concert, very fun show

Kid Cudi: If you ever have the chance to see Cudi do not pass it up, he was fun and a decent performer, but his songs that our generation has been singing since 6th grade made the show such a fun throwback.

Alesso: Eh.

Sunday, August 2nd, Lolla Day 3

Zebra Katz: Whoa.  This was insane and weird and captivating but I never need it again.

George Ezra: Great live, as expected

Twenty One Pilots: my 4th time seeing them live, always an amazing show.

Chain Smokers: KANYE! They sang Kanye and that’s all I cared about and it was a riot.

Halsey: Hot as hell, amazing performance, closed with Hurricane.

Florence and the Machine: Incredible, absolutely incredible 10/10 must see.


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