Could Have Been Me – The Struts

Song: Could have Been Me

Artist: The Struts

Album: Everybody Wants

Year: 2014

Setting in Which This Review is Based off Of: My kitchen table

If every song could have this vibe I would be the world’s happiest girl.  What vibe am I talking about? It’s kind of a mix of AWOLNATION and Blink 182.  The type of song that you want to scream at a rock concert, the type that makes you feel not alone.

The Struts are aiming towards a motivational song, as in ‘You’re wasting your life and if you want to change that, if you want to change you’re life into a life worth living, you have to go out and have experiences, you have to go out and do something‘.

“Don’t wanna live as an untold story

Rather go out in a blaze glory”

Well, everyone wants to be remembered for something right?  I hate when you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you’re wasting you’re life. And don’t lie, I know you get it too.  It’s songs like these that motivate the listener to feel empowered, and able to do that thing they’ve been putting off.

The Struts formed in 2009 with their 70’s rock style uniting the 4 members.  They practiced for 2 years before getting their break, and took Putting in your 10 thousand hours seriously by living with each other and practicing constantly. Luke Spiller, the lead vocalist, was born to 2 christian parents and obsessed with the King of Pop by age 7.  The Michael Jackson loving singer would grow up to be compared to the likes of Mick Jagger and David Bowie.

My favorite part of this band is that they released their first album in 2014, meaning they’re sure to have more to come! The band name also appeals to me because it sounds like its from the era of the Ramones, The Clash, and The Strokes.

So okay, I know I’m building up Could Have Been Me as 2015’s #1 motivational song, which it isn’t.  But it is a song that holds an important value, and feeling.  And songs that make you feel something are always important.  Anyways, go watch the video if just the music isn’t enough, because the Struts sex appeal is sure to change your mind.

‘Could Have Been You’ Music Video
The Struts Website


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