Growing Up – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (feat. Ed Sheeran)

Song: Growing Up

Artist: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Feat. Ed Sheeran

Album: Growing Up

Year: 2015

Setting in Which This Review is Based off Of: My brother texted me this song on my way to work this morning

I’m sure everyone remembers Macklemore.  You know, And We Danced, Thrift Shop, White Walls…or at least his and Ryan Lewis’s Grammy performance of Same Love which wed 33 straight and gay couples on live tv.  But where has he been since then?  I feel like he dropped off the face of the earth after that.  Maybe it was because Thrift Shop was so overplayed by then that the top 40 world kind of gave up on his music.

The real story is he relapsed right after The Heist dropped in 2012 and was in the dark for a while besides a few appearances and the Grammy’s performance.  But even that was over a year ago and he’s returned.  Macklemore and Ryan Lewis released a single this week titled Growing Up (Sloane’s Song).  And it even gets better!  Ed Sheeran’s beautiful soulful voice is featured. This being the first single dropped in years, and being one that touches so close to his heart, seems to be the type to suggest a new album.

Anyways, Growing Up is kind of a return to Macklemore’s 2011 tune Stay At Home Dad, except this one is real for him.  Macklemore and wife Tricia Davis recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in May, named Sloane.

The slow rap is a gift to his daughter to prepare her for the upcoming stereotypes she will surely face, and is really quite beautiful.

“They say boys don’t cry

but your dad has shed a lot of tears”

“They say girls shouldn’t be tough

and moms should raise their kids at home

But baby I know that isn’t true.”

Macklemore continues his Just-A-Freakin-Good-Person streak by destroying gender stereotypes for his daughter before the beauty even turns 1.  The sweet lyrics continue to praise his wife of a solid month (The couple waited to get married until same-sex marriage was legal).

The letter to his daughter goes on with lessons that you would think would happen face to face about books to read and Sweet 16 presents.  Macklemore does enough to keep you included and make you want to remember these lyrics to tell your daughter one day.  It’s beautiful.

And when you think it’s hit the limit of sweet, loving Dad lyrics– in comes Ed Sheeran with the hook.  His angelic voice talks about her baby hands wrapping around his fingers, and that he’s not perfect.  While Sloane is still growing up, so is Macklemore.  No one is ever done learning.

Macklemore does 1 more verse before Ed Sheeran brings it home with the catchy church-chorus like hook that will have you drumming tables and singing for the rest of the week.  Overall, it’s sweet, charming, and makes me want the best for Macklemore, Tricia, and little perfect Sloane.


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